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"I've worked with Delia on several ambitious projects at Oakland Schools, each involving multiple contributors. In each case, Delia has masterfully coordinated the contributors' work, keeping the project moving on a tight timeline. She also has that rare ability, as a manager, to ensure a project is produced at the highest quality, while empowering the contributors to work autonomously."


--Gabe Rivin, owner of The Piedmont Pen, LLC

"It was a privilege to work under Delia DeCourcy's leadership on the Teaching Research Writing Team at Oakland Schools. Delia possesses depth of knowledge, vision, and an exceptional ability to synthesize and organize complex information. She respectfully guides and inspires colleagues to meet ambitious goals and produce top-notch work."

--Jane Strunck, Special Education Consultant, 
Oakland Schools

"I can sense that big things will be happening [in our school district] with mi PLACE. You have a gem with this platform. Well done!"

--Mark Hess, Executive Director of Instruction, Technology, & Assessment, 
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, Michigan

"Delia consistently brought out the best in colleagues and students. She clearly communicates expectations. She rises to her own high standards."


--Matthew Ripley-Moffitt, middle school social studies teacher,
Cary Academy, North Carolina

Adult Education

"I've been in a 1-1 school for 5 years now. While I've done some cool things with technology, I knew that I wasn't fully utilizing the technology I had at my disposal. Being a Canvas Champion was great because it gave me the time (within the school year--very important!) to learn about, think about, design, implement, reflect on, and adapt to a variety of blended learning techniques. While I still have a long way to go, I feel like I have the tools in my toolbox that will help me continue on the journey to a blended learning classroom. I wouldn't have ever gotten to this point without this valuable professional development."

--Jordan Matthews High School Teacher

Chatham County, North Carolina

[During the Literacy and Technology Leadership Lab,] "I had my first real immersion with tech in the classroom and how it relates to data collection, engagement, and instruction.... your professional development sort of reinvigorated my drive to provide the best instruction and experience possible for my students. I am not changing the world, but I did want to let you know that I actually presented at MACUL yesterday in Grand Rapids. It was the first time I presented to an audience that big. I wanted you to know that I am thankful to you for what you do and how it has affected me." 


--Middle School Teacher

Ferndale, Michigan

"The 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing Professional Development Team is amazing! They are organized, supportive, and quite simply a gifted team of educators sharing best practices [in webinar design and facilitation]. 

--Featured Speaker, 2016 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing

"I don't often get the chance to get feedback on my professional development presentations, and this was particularly important as I explored this new digital venue for presenting. I have learned so much to support the teachers I work with as well as myself in order to design and deliver more engaging online webinars."

--Featured Speaker, 2016 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing

"Delia was hired to support the Instructional Technology Team of which I am a part during our first year. She brought a clear focus, a strong vision and patient support to help guide the team in our work of finding our mission and vision of integrating technology in the classroom. Her experience and examples were invaluable. She is an excellent teacher and manager."


--Leslie Williams, Middle School Math Teacher,
Cary Academy, North Carolina

“Working with high school English teachers, especially Advanced Placement teachers, requires a highly skilled and knowledgeable presenter. Delia DeCourcy was so well received by her audience, we brought her back at the teachers' request so their colleagues could learn from her. Delia comes with my highest recommendation. By engaging teachers in the writing they want their students to produce, Delia was able to effect meaningful change in pedagogy and curriculum.” 

--Laura Schiller, Literacy Consultant,
Oakland Schools, Waterford, MI

"I attended Delia’s "Preparing Students for College Writing" session about a month ago at Oakland Schools. I must say, this was probably the single most useful professional development workshop I have ever attended; thank you for providing so much material and insight that I can use in my classroom right now."


–Brian Wilson, English Teacher,
Waterford Kettering High School,
Waterford, Michigan

“As a soon-to-be graduate who has taken numerous courses (some good, some bad), I wanted to let you know that this class has really enlightened me and that I’m constantly telling family/friends what we’re doing in the classroom. I hope that the University of Michigan continues to offer courses like this one because it’s so relevant to real life situations.”


--University of Michigan senior enrolled in New Media Writing, winter 2011

K-16 Instruction

"Delia DeCourcy is a consummate educator with a special gift for curriculum. At Cary Academy, I knew Delia as both an academic and administrative leader. As her supervisor of curriculum in the Independent Learning program at Duke TIP, I've been able to rely on Delia’s thoughtful, creative eye as an innovative curriculum developer. She possesses a deep understanding of learning in an online environment, producing guidelines and activities that truly engage students and deliver key content and skills." 

--Lyn Hawks, Assistant Director for Curriculum and Instruction,
Duke University Talent Identification Program

"Delia is an experienced instructor with excellent knowledge of techniques for successfully teaching rhetoric and composition. I learned so much from Delia, both about teaching methods and about successfully dealing with students in the large classroom and one-on-one teaching environments. She was a joy to work with and I loved having her across the hall. She is also one of the most organized and dedicated instructors I know."


--Charlotte Boulay,
colleague at the University of Michigan
Sweetland Center for Writing

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